August 31st 2019 - Last Chance for Summer Mini Sessions

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What to expect:

  • 30-minute photography sessions.

  • You receive: 30 high-resolution, edited images with the option to purchase more, uploaded to an online gallery.

  • Full digital galleries will be complete within 3 weeks of session date.

When: August 31st 2019

Where: Discovery Park Bluff

How: Full $250.00 plus tax is due at signing.

Here is what you can expect during a photography session. 

Here are some tips on how to dress for the occasion.  

If you have any questions, feel free to call: 206.446.8674 or email: 

Thank you!


The following photos were all taken during the 2019 spring and summer season:

Terms and Conditions: Lydia Brewer Photography reserves the right to use reproductions for display, publications, website or other purposes. Photography is allowed for personal use including printing and sharing but is not allowed to be sold or used commercially. In the event of a postponement or cancellation of the session, monies paid are not refundable unless date is re-booked. In the event the photographer fails to fulfill the terms of this contract, due to any event outside of her control, the photographer's liability is limited to monies paid. Contract is valid only for the session date, time and location stated on this page.

Cancellations made within 72 hours forfeits your booking fee. Non-emergency cancellations will be rescheduled on a case-by-case bases.

2019 ParentMap Golden Teddy Award Winner!!!

ParentMap Golden Teddy Award Finalist 2018 and Winner 2019

ParentMap Golden Teddy Award Finalist 2018 and Winner 2019

I am thrilled to announce that I have been selected as the winner of ParentMap's 2019 Golden Teddy Awards in the category of “Favorite Family Photographer.”

This win is really important to me. I reached out to ParentMap in 2008 to discuss print advertising. I was a single mom at the time. I couldn’t afford to market myself properly but knew that ParentMap was the parenting bible - since I read it religiously. I decided to manage my marketing the way I know how - by doing it myself. To be awarding for my efforts is such a full circle feeling.

Thank you for your years of continued support!


2019 Spring Sunset Mini Sessions


I’m glad you are here! Sunset Sessions are my favorite way to spend the spring evenings - getting to know sweet, local families while I capture treasured moments and update family portraits. These sessions are always my most successful sessions of the year and are truly so much fun to be a part of.

If you are interested in booking a 2019 Spring Sunset Mini Session, please click on the button below:

  • Sessions dates range from April 29th - June 29th - with additional dates (added later) throughout the Summer, depending on popularity.

  • Sessions will take place at the local (North Seattle) park of you choosing - locations include: Discovery Park, Ella Bailey, Golden Gardens, Parson’s Gardens’ and I have left some slots as TBD - so we can plan those together.

  • Price per session is $250.00 plus tax

  • 45-minutes per session

  • Please note that there are also 90-minute sessions included in the sign-up sheet on weekend dates - for families that require extra time

  • Inquire to add additional extended family members

  • You will receive 30 edited images with the option to purchase more

Thank you for considering me as your family photographer.

With 20 years of creating award winning photography - coupled with countless hours in the company of children, I am sure we will have a great time!
I hope to see you in front of my camera in 2019!


Instructions for ACLU Benefit Sessions

Thank you for signing up for the
Lydia Brewer Photography 
Families Belong Together 
photo sessions benefitting the ACLU

Here are the detailed instructions to try to make the day run more smoothly, please read them over carefully prior to Sunday, July 8th 2018.   

  • Here is what to expect during the session

  • Here is some tips on how to dress for a session

  • Prior to Sunday's session, please make a donation in your name of $150 or more directly to the ACLU - please bring proof of donation to your session on Sunday, July 8th 2018.

  • Park in the south parking lot off Emerson and Caroline Street. Walk west about 1/16 of a mile. Meet on the backside of the chapel, parallel to the yellow, row houses, in front of the stone wall.

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of your session. Please be ready to shoot when it is your turn. I encourage all families to arrive as early as possible, set-up a picnic and enjoy the park. This will turn the session into a more enjoyable event for your family and take the pressure off of all parties.

  • I will provide a few chairs and blankets for styling family photos. Feel free to also bring your own props.

If you have any questions, please call or text: 206.446.8674 or email:  

Looking forward to it! - Lydia 

Map and directions to meeting location: 

Examples of photos taken in the same location: 

ParentMap Golden Teddy Award


I am extremely honored to be nominated for a ParentMap Golden Teddy Award this year. Thank you to all the voted for me and those that have supported my efforts through the years.  

Families Belong Together • ACLU Donation Sessions


When talking to young families, I often reference the phrase "parenting is a muscle." I say this not only because of the strength required to raise a family but also because of the growth and development that comes along during the journey through parenthood.

I become a mother in 2007 to my now 11-year-old daughter, Rubie Jayne. Rubie is the sweetest, most stubborn person that I have ever known. Rubie will listen to your advice, smile, turn around and do exactly what she had always intended to do. She learned that from her mother.  

Right now, families are being striped of their strength. They are experiencing the worst possible outcome - being divided. We must support the efforts to make it known that we are not okay with this horrific situation continuing. We must be strong. We must fight. 

That is why I have partnered with and and decided to host a day of photo session to benefit this worthy cause. 

Photo session will be held at Discovery Park on July 8th 2018 and you are welcome to join the fight by signing up for a session here:





Gift Certificates


Gift certificates are available either via PDF download or physical certificate. Orders placed before January 1st 2018 will receive 2017 rates on all 2018 sessions. 

Call or email today to place an order.  

All Families Are Welcome Here


Lydia Brewer Photography always has and always will be a safe space for everyone—regardless of immigration status, gender, race, age, sexual orientation, religion or political affiliation. 

I take pride in having a business motto geared only towards "being a good person and creating great images."

It is my intention to cultivate a climate of love and acceptance. 

Client List

What to Expect During a Family Portrait Session

Now that you have booked a photography session and chosen the clothes (click here for clothing tips, if you haven't already done so) how do you prepare for the session? Here are some tips and tricks to make a session run more smoothly.


  • I have a lot of fun getting to know and photographing people. My main goal is to transfer that attitude to my client - so you and your kids walk away loving your experience. 



  • I prefer group portraits of people who love one another to show that love by touching one another - in whatever feels comfortable to all parties. 
  • I tend to give baseline directions at the beginning of a session and detailed direction as the photo shoot progresses. 
  • If I am not giving direction, that means everything is going fine. 
  • If I am acting eerily calm, chances are I am trying to not rile up a dog or baby.  
  • Slight, subtle movements between shutter clicks are always preferred over one pose photographed seventeen times. 
  • If you feel uncomfortable or have any questions with any posing or placement, let me know.
  • I am here to help with posing - that’s my job!



  • While you are the subject of a portrait, please look directly at the camera - unless told otherwise. 
  • I will work hard to gain the attention of your kiddo, grandma, dog or lizard (yes, I have taken lizard portraits.) 
  • If you wish to reward your child with a special treat for good behavior, please do so after our session is complete. I like to avoid editing candy out of teeth wherever possible. 
  • Remember: digital film is “free!” If I have to take a thousand goofy photos to get one great one, let’s do just that. 
  • If your child needs a break for any reason, do not hesitate to alert me. I am a Mom. I get it. 



  • The calmer you are, the calmer your kiddos will be. 
  • If you would like to help gain their attention - (and I fully welcome the help) - please keep the interactions calm and purposeful. Meaning, go straight to whatever you think will make them laugh - (tickling, body fluid jokes and raspberries are strongly encouraged.) 
  • Also, try to hold their attention in the direction of my camera. 
  • Feel free to stand right above me. Just give me a warning that you are there first - to avoid collision - I’ve been known to move quickly. 

What If It Rains?

The one question that I get asked most often is: what happens if it rains? The answer is simple: in Seattle, we shoot anyway. 

The reason being: finding a time to reschedule an appointment between September and March, when it is NOT raining can be difficult. Instead of rescheduling, there is always the options to relocate the session.

I have compiled a list of go-to rainy day locations to help turn potential cancelations into successful portrait sessions.  

  • Your home
  • Your favorite ice cream or coffee shop
  •  Seattle Public Library
  • Olympic Sculpture Park 
  • Pike Place Market
  • The Observation Tower at Volunteer Park 
  • Swanson's Nursery 
  • Chihuly Garden and Glass
  • Washington State Ferry 
  • The Seattle Aquarium 
  • University of Washington 
  • The Amgen Helix Bridge 
  • The train bridge next to the Ballard Locks
  • Under the Ship canal bridge - either the Fremont waterfront or the Troll
  • EMP
  • Pacific Science Center
  • Gasworks Park

Meet: Brenden Noll

The new face of Lydia Brewer Photography

Brenden is a brilliant human! Full of all of the things that make the best photographers: compassion, understanding, patience, stealthiness, manners, dedication, humor, hunger (in more ways then one) and carefulness. I'm really happy to have found him -- as a second photographer and a friend.

Whether he's shlepping all my gear during family sessions or collecting all the gorgeous details of your wedding, give him a high five (or a taco) and help me warmly welcome him to the team.  


Photo Session Clothing Tips:

• Comfort is my biggest concern!
• Dressing in layers is the easiest way to quickly switch up an outfit.
• Solids work best. 
• Texture is great. 
• Neutral tones and greys works well. 
• White is not favorable. 
• Stripes are fine, lots of busy patterns are not. 
• No logos, cartoons or words. 
• Try to limit your color palate to no more than 3 tones. 
• Try not to "date" yourself with trendy or period clothing. 
• Think simple.