What to Expect During a Family Portrait Session

Now that you have booked a photography session and chosen the clothes (click here for clothing tips, if you haven't already done so) how do you prepare for the session? Here are some tips and tricks to make a session run more smoothly.


  • I have a lot of fun getting to know and photographing people. My main goal is to transfer that attitude to my client - so you and your kids walk away loving your experience. 



  • I prefer group portraits of people who love one another to show that love by touching one another - in whatever feels comfortable to all parties. 
  • I tend to give baseline directions at the beginning of a session and detailed direction as the photo shoot progresses. 
  • If I am not giving direction, that means everything is going fine. 
  • If I am acting eerily calm, chances are I am trying to not rile up a dog or baby.  
  • Slight, subtle movements between shutter clicks are always preferred over one pose photographed seventeen times. 
  • If you feel uncomfortable or have any questions with any posing or placement, let me know.
  • I am here to help with posing - that’s my job!



  • While you are the subject of a portrait, please look directly at the camera - unless told otherwise. 
  • I will work hard to gain the attention of your kiddo, grandma, dog or lizard (yes, I have taken lizard portraits.) 
  • If you wish to reward your child with a special treat for good behavior, please do so after our session is complete. I like to avoid editing candy out of teeth wherever possible. 
  • Remember: digital film is “free!” If I have to take a thousand goofy photos to get one great one, let’s do just that. 
  • If your child needs a break for any reason, do not hesitate to alert me. I am a Mom. I get it. 



  • The calmer you are, the calmer your kiddos will be. 
  • If you would like to help gain their attention - (and I fully welcome the help) - please keep the interactions calm and purposeful. Meaning, go straight to whatever you think will make them laugh - (tickling, body fluid jokes and raspberries are strongly encouraged.) 
  • Also, try to hold their attention in the direction of my camera. 
  • Feel free to stand right above me. Just give me a warning that you are there first - to avoid collision - I’ve been known to move quickly.