Lydia Brewer is a gifted artist. She captured the joy and love in both the big and little moments of our wedding day. She put us, our family and friends at ease in front of the camera. Lydia even captured great shots of the kids who are often so unpredictable and wiggly. She’s amazing! She went above and beyond and we will forever treasure the memories of our wedding day through her photography. We are so grateful to get the chance to work with Lydia Brewer!
— Tyler Ashby, wedding client
How do I even say how incredible Lydia is? First meeting with her, she did a great job of melding a professional meeting with a casual style for our consultation and was very flexible with my schedule, budget and tight timeline. I immediately felt like I was working with a partner who really got me and what my fiance and I wanted out of our photos. She was very communicative throughout the weeks leading up to the day. On the day of, we put ourselves into her hands and she made it easy to capture some wonderful moments by very kindly coaching us on how to stand, where to look, what to do, etc. We were left with amazing photographs of our kind of off-beat wedding that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. On top of all this, she’s one of the nicest people I’ve met and has a great sense of humor and down to earth style.
— Aileen Ellis, wedding client
 I love this because we thought you were shooting the kids. We were trying to keep warm and he was saying the most atrocious things and making me laugh. I can’t fully explain what you caught with this ninja photo of us you took. Somehow you caught the (supposed) adults we are now as well as the playful kids we were and are together. Somehow with the camera lens you strip away pretense and catch the raw emotion. You can see my double chin and how my thighs touch, my hair is all over the place but you captured a secret, beautiful peek at who we are together and none of that matters. It’s not only my favorite picture that you’ve taken of me, it’s one of my favorite pictures ever.
— Suzanne Stauss, client
Paisley - taken during our family portrait session in 2016

Paisley - taken during our family portrait session in 2016

Lydia, you are so incredibly, incredibly, incredibly amazing. Your photos are STUNNING. You have such an amazing gift for capturing the essence of a person. And even when the individual is serious or angry or upset, there is such a beauty to your work. I just love seeing your photos. And your generosity with sharing your talent - it’s really staggering and we are so so so grateful. 
— Jill Hoven, client
Just viewed your shots of the Orange Crush v Turquoise Terrors at the Debutante Brawl.

Besides the obvious “thank you” for giving your talent and time ... just want to say:

Damn your shots are awesome!!

Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate our other photographers - but your shots stand out.
First thing I noticed was the clarity and light ... but what made my day was how you captured these girls emotion & personalities that night.

So WOW - great shots! I wish I had your talent!
— Melody Young, derby mom
These highlights are the most beautiful and I can’t wait to see the rest!!!
Everyone I’ve talked to said you were amazing because you were everywhere! You’re simply wonderful and knowing a shot, spying an opportunity, and getting there to capture it! I can’t thank you enough!
— Liza Dehaven, wedding client
Jester helping M'n'M (of the Cherry Bomb Brawlers from Spokane) off the track after a bad fall, during the JRDA Championships - 2015

Jester helping M'n'M (of the Cherry Bomb Brawlers from Spokane) off the track after a bad fall, during the JRDA Championships - 2015

I sure hope that you plan to continue photographing derby. I had to share your photo of the coach carrying the injured skater in the Facebook derby photog group ‘f/2/8 Fast Glass-Derby Track’, and everyone is pretty blown away by it. And I mean the heavy hitters that have been photographing derby since the beginning
— Russ Desaulniers, fellow photographer
The way you take a photo just speaks a million words to my heart.
— Tara Camp, client
Alyce and Micah's Wedding Day - August 30th 2014

Alyce and Micah's Wedding Day - August 30th 2014

I can’t believe how amazing these photos turned out. Thank you so much! Lydia made our day and perfectly captured all the beauty.
— Alyce Deibell, wedding client
Ivan and Iris - 2014

Ivan and Iris - 2014

...Many thanks to Lydia Brewer Photography. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

...This video literally brought tears to my eyes. And so did the pics from the rest of the shoot, which I saw for the first time today. Lydia really captured everyone beautifully (especially the kids, who are the most beautiful of all). I was blown away.
— Hilary Mohr, family portraiture client
Sarah and Aaron's Engagement Photo Session - 2013

Sarah and Aaron's Engagement Photo Session - 2013

Lydia has taken my portrait more than once. One time in 1999 - for my senior portraits and again in 2013 for - me and my husband’s engagement photos. I am not very photogenic, but somehow she captures my essence perfectly. She is very easy to work with and makes me feel comfortable in front of the camera.
— Sarah Capps, engagement photography client
Headshots - 2014

Headshots - 2014

Thank you so much, Lydia, for making it fun and easy. To all my business friends, if you’re in need (of head shots), Lydia is awesome!
— Jillian Suleski, headshot client